Infection & Inflammation

Infection & Inflammation Research Interest Group Overview

The goal of the ZDM Society Infection & Inflammation Research Interest group is to bring together investigators working on zebrafish to study the vertebrate immune system. Zebrafish models have been well established for a wide variety of infectious diseases and immune deficiencies. Defects in inflammation underlie many other diseases, including autoimmune disorders. Investigators using zebrafish models for infectious and inflammatory diseases therefore have strongly overlapping interests that drive interactions and collaborations.


The ZDM Society Infection & Inflammation Research Interest Group aims to promote interactions between investigators who use zebrafish models to study mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions and the function of immune cells in inflammatory responses to tissue damage and infection. The group is dedicated to increase our understanding of defects underlying infectious and inflammatory diseases with the ultimate goal of translating research findings into new therapeutic approaches. Some of the activities that our group will promote to strengthen the Infection & Inflammation research community include:

  • Exchange of knowledge about the zebrafish immune system

  • Discussion of the challenges in our field

  • Sharing of tools and technologies

  • Collaborative projects

  • Joint research initiatives across species

  • Working with funding agencies to foster support for zebrafish research

  • Presentations at major immunology conferences and infectious and inflammatory disease meetings

  • Outreach, Education, and Career Development initiatives



Jeff Yoder
Associate Professor
North Carolina State University

Herman Spaink
Leiden University