Education Research Interest Group Overview

Science education is paramount in the face of continued technological advance. The accessibility and appeal of zebrafish for all learners ideally positions this model organism to broadly impact education across all STEM fields. The growing number of disease models and technological innovations applied to disease focused discovery using zebrafish provides not only rich resources, but ensures a high degree of relevance for STEM education as needs change.

The ZDMS Education Research Interest Group embraces the philosophy that highly collaborative science goes hand in hand with transformative education. Toward that end, we seek to engage members in creative and impactful activities utilizing zebrafish to educate learners of all age levels by doing science together. Thus, this group is for elementary to college aged students, for science professionals, for teachers, for business entrepreneurs; in essence, for any and all who share a desire to educate and learn while engaging in scientific discovery.


New volunteers are sought for this Research Interest Group to sharpen and advance this mission as well as coordinate the efforts of this group on an ongoing basis as part of the Zebrafish Disease Models Society.