Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery Research Interest Group

Zebrafish provide a unique opportunity for phenotypic drug discovery and development. Due to their small size and relevant disease features, drugs and drug-leads can be directly screened for those that prevent or cure the disease in zebrafish These drugs are often effective in mammalian models of the disease, and some drugs identified in the zebrafish are now in clinical trial. The rapid and relevant translation of new drugs from zebrafish to patients underscores the importance of zebrafish in the drug discovery pipeline.



Our overarching goal for the ZDMS Drug Discovery Research Interest Group is to bring together scientific investigators, industrial collaborators and patient groups to maximize the potential of zebrafish drug discovery to benefit patients.
Working together, we aim to:

  1. Share new discoveries and innovations in chemical biology and screening in zebrafish

  2. Develop state-of-the-art translational science in pre-clinical zebrafish models and trials

  3. Provide mentoring and networking opportunities with experts in chemistry, industry and medicine to translate zebrafish drug discoveries for patient benefit


Hui Feng
Assistant Professor
Boston University School of Medicine

Elizabeth Patton
Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, University of Edinburgh