Modeling of cancer in the zebrafish is a rapidly growing field that is poised to make significant contributions to the broader cancer community. The zebrafish offers several unique capabilities that can complement what is being done in human, murine and other models. Particular strengths of using zebrafish include the ability to perform large scale genetic and chemical screens, modeling of genomic dependencies in cancer, and high resolution in vivo imaging, to name just a few.


The goal of the ZDM Society Cancer Research Interest Group is to bring together investigators who are dedicated to expanding and strengthening the community of zebrafish cancer biologists. This will occur through specific initiatives that are guided by the needs of our community but also in context of other activities in the broader cancer biology field. Some of the activities that our group will promote include:

  • Working with the NIH to foster federal support for zebrafish cancer projects

  • Building strong ties to the mainstream cancer community through meetings (GRC, Keystone, CSH) and joint research initiatives across species




Craig Ceol
Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Medical School


Richard White
Assistant Professor
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center