Membership Fees

For specific questions relating to membership, please email


Faculty Member

12-Month Membership: $175
24-Month Membership: $300

Any person who has a faculty appointment and/or runs an independent research program at a University, Government or Non-Profit Research Institution.


Industry Member

12-month membership: $175
24-month membership: $300

Individual representatives of industry and others with an interest in zebrafish disease models research who do not qualify under Faculty or Trainee Member requirements.


Trainee Member

12-month membership: $90
24-month membership: $150

This membership type applies to anyone who is a Postdoctoral trainee, graduate student and/or medical student, or an undergraduate student. Please submit a letter from a senior investigator in your department who can verify your status as a trainee, for example your principle investigator, graduate program director, department chair or section head.

The letter must be typed on your institution’s letterhead, signed by the senior investigator, saved in PDF format, and emailed to in order for your membership to be accepted as a trainee.