ZDMS Junior Faculty Award for Excellence

Nomination Deadline:  Now Thursday, April 25th 2019

 Objective:  To recognize excellence in zebrafish disease modeling research by an early career independent investigator.

 Basis of award: The sole criterion for this award will be assessment of a single, senior-authored manuscript originating within the Junior Faculty Member’s own research laboratory.  Papers will be assessed for overall impact in the field and the transformative potential for the greater ZDMS community.   


  • Invited oral plenary presentation at the forthcoming ZDM12 meeting (Boston, July 15-18, 2019).

  • Registration waiver for the forthcoming ZDM12 meeting.

  • Travel and hotel accommodation stipend for upcoming meeting ( $1,500 US).

  • Complimentary 3 year ZDMS membership.

Eligibility: Any research and/or academic faculty that has attained research independence and runs their own active research group.  Applicants having attained independent faculty positions prior to August 1, 2009 or attained the status of Full Professor are not eligible for this award. Other eligibility criteria are:

  • The paper must involve a zebrafish disease model.

  • The manuscript publication date must be after January 1, 2016.

  • Both ZDMS members and non-members are eligible for this award.

  • Current members of the ZDMS Executive Board and Awards Committee are not eligible for receipt of this award.

  • Evidence that the paper is from the Junior Faculty Member’s independent research group rather than a contribution from a postdoctoral project will include:

    • Being senior author of the paper (specifically, not the first author).

    • The address on the paper should reflect the applicant’s independent faculty position.

Nomination: The nomination must come from a ZDMS member in good standing. Nominations must be submitted using the application forms that can be accessed using this hyperlink .

Applications should include the following:

  • 1) The cover sheet (page 1): This page includes nominee name, academic rank, nominator name, nominator institution, full citation for the nominated paper (author list, title, journal, year of publication, issue and page numbers, PMID), and statement by the nominee accepting nomination and confirmation that they will attend the ZDM12 Boston meeting if selected with signature and date.

     2) The nomination form (page 2): This page includes the nominee name, academic rank, faculty start date, institution, and email address. A full citation of the manuscript should be provided along with the manuscript abstract.  Finally, a statement of significance and impact should be included that does not exceed 300 words.

     3) A PDF of the manuscript.

Deadline for receipt of nomination: Thursday, April 25th

Nominations should be sent to both the ZDMS society (Info@zdmsociety.org) and to the Awards Committee chair (mariacaterina.mione@unitn.it).  The email subject heading should read “Nomination for ZDMS Award for Excellence” and the nomination appended as an email attachment. 

Review Process: 

Applications will be reviewed by the awards committee with the help of external reviewers chosen by the committee among the ZDMS membership. 

The following relationships present prima facie conflicts of interest, and individuals holding them will recuse themselves from the award assessment process completely:

 - the nominee

- the nominator

- co-authors of the publication

- a prior mentor/supervisor of the nominee

- a student or trainee of the nominee

- employed by the same Institution as the nominee

- in any otherwise undisclosed personal, commercial or formal scientific relationship with the nominee 

At least 3 members of the Awards Committee will take part in the assessment process together with the external referees.

Award Announcement: 

May 2019